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Meet Michelle

Hi! My name is Halle. I just graduated from High Point University in May 2021 with a B.S.B.A in Marketing and Sales. I will be going back to school this Fall to earn my Master's in social work. I have always loved working with kids, especially my niece and nephew,who are five and three. I have been their built in baby-sitter ever since they were born. We love to have fun together, swim in the pool, and dance around to music. In addition to taking care of them, I have also taken part in after school programs for elementary school students. I am a very diligent person who has a watchful eye, but also loves to have fun! I see babysitting as not only a serious job, but also an opportunity to make the kids/parents feel comfortable and happy.


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Mom, Family advocate &
Social media guru

Mom, New Family &
lead manager

Mom & All things Sitter

Mom, Family advocate &
Social media guru

Mom, Family advocate &
Social media guru

Vetting at PlatinumSitters extends far beyond the initial face to face interview and background checks. We strive to get to know our sitters and our families with multi-level support ensuring an elite service. There is a lot of hard work, group hugs and follow through on the back end to create our revolutionary solution.

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Personal Interviews

Real people. Real awesome. In Real time. Most of our local managers are moms and childcare specialist who areused to multitasking! We knowwhat to look for an are here toask the tough questions.

Background Checks

Local and national criminal background checks (including a sex offender search).PlatinumSitters will generate a report for each sitter which contains their SSN trace, address history and criminal and sex offender check. Only applicants who have reports that come back as "clean" willmove on to the next steps ofour vetting process.

Community Ratings

ICommunity Rating At the completion of everybooking, members areencouraged to provide areview of their sitter with our5-star rating system. Weconstantly monitor our sittersand our service to ourmembers. You can easilyFAVORITE your top sitters,making the whole bookingprocess that much faster!

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