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What we do

Homework help

Interactive play

let’s get off those screens and do something fun!

Snack and meal preparation

Light housework

Coming home to a mess after hiring a sitter is a pet peeve for many parents. A sitter’s primary focus is spending quality time with your kids; but our sitters are expected to do light housework and clean up after meals and activities with the kids. We want parents to come home to happy kids who had a great time with their sitter, and a house that was tidier than how they left it.

Driving the Kids

With your signed permission, our sitters will transport your kids to and from with squeaky-clean ,driving Records and their own vehicle. You can rest assured your children are in good hands. PlatinumSitters will cover up to 5 miles in travel per day; however , should your travel exceed 5 miles per day, a daily surcharge of $10 will apply (15 mile daily limit). Concierge Recurring Clients and Special Events travel needs are negotiated case by case.

Pets? You bet

If you have pets, you will be matched with a pet-friendly, animal loving sitter who will be more than happy to take your dog out and feed the cat. Looking for the same sitter on a set schedule – like a part-time nanny? Try our Concierge Recurring Service

Why We Are Different


FREE Sign up

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Technology makes our service EASY to use

Our algorithm matches our sitters to your family’s specific needs. Point and click, on-demand booking. It’s like magic!


Transparent and Pre-Fixed Pricing

No more ATM runs! Seamless on-demand payment.



This is a company built and run by moms. We know what parents are looking for and our standards are mighty high. Our local community managers vet, train and interview every sitter on our site. Our managers are here for multi-level support so that both parents and sitters can RELAX and have the best possible experience!


Our safety and vetting standards are bar none

Let’s face it. Your kids are everything! The safety and care of your children is our top priority.Stop interviewing and screening! Every PlatinumSitter has cleared background, criminal and driving record checks, 2-3 years childcare experience, minimum 2 professional references, and a face to face interview. Our sitters are Superstars!


Concierge Recurring Service

Do you need a regular sitter – like a part-time nanny? We offer professional part-time nanny placement without the crazy expensive, nanny service fees!

Trust in Team Platinum

How we vet:

Background Check
Local and national criminal background checks (including a sex offender search). PlatinumSitters will generate a report for each sitter which contains their SSN trace, address history and criminal and sex offender check. Only applicants who have reports that come back as "clean" will move on to the next steps of our vetting process.

Minimum 2-3 years childcare experience

Reference Check
PlatinumSitters will contact no less than two professional references (often more), and closely examine their past education and work experience, professionalism and relationship with the families they have worked for.

Driving Record Check
Every PlatinumSitter has a valid driver’s license, their own vehicle, and a squeaky-clean, driving Record.
Face to Face Interview – Our sitters don’t just look good on paper. Our local managers personally meet and interview every sitter on our site to make sure they meet our quality standards. We are looking for Superstars! The kind of sitters we would hire for our own families.

Community Rating
At the completion of every booking, members are encouraged to provide a review of their sitter with our 5-star rating system. We constantly monitor our sitters and our service to our members. You can easily FAVORITE your top sitters, making the whole booking process that much faster!

Limited cell phone use
We only allow sitters to use their cell phones for emergencies or contact with parents and pre-approved contacts. We want your sitter to be fully tapped into your child’s needs at all times.

Team Platinum
Real people. Real awesome. In Real time. Most of our local managers are moms and childcare specialist who are used to multitasking! If you have questions or need personal assistance before, during or after a sit, a local manager is here to help and just a phone call away!

Comprehensive insurance

PlatinumSitters is insured for commercial general liability and professional liability.