PlatinumSitters is a company
built and run by moms.

Meet our Founder, CEO and Mom in Chief

“New city. New baby. New parents. No family or friends in the area. I needed every sitter to be pre-screened and vetted. I needed an affordable, transparent and easy solution. No one was getting to it anytime soon, so I decided to create it myself.”

Stephanie laughs easily and often at just about everything in her life because, “Being a stay at home makes working for The Federal Reserve look like a cream puff.” Even though both kids were pretty easy, it was still an adjustment. And nonstop! Greg traveled during the week for work, and Stephanie needed breaks…and friends. And so, her childcare journey began by contacting local and national babysitting services. “It was like going down the rabbit hole. In one week, I spent a ton in service fees and background checks and didn’t find an actual sitter! It was so frustrating.”

As a stay at home mom, she felt discouraged – even guilty. Nanny agencies required thousands of dollars in fees to find a regular sitter. She thought, “I’m a stay at home mom. This is my job, but I can’t do it alone. I needed help.” Eventually she found a few quality sitters through a purchased list from a local agency, but she needed flexibility. Her sitters were in high demand and often taken on the days she needed. “It was hard to match it all up! Finding a sitter was like Groundhog Day, the cycle repeated”.

After a few years, she realized she wasn’t alone, and most of her friends were in the same boat. So, she said, here we go! And in June 2015, with the help of a tech savvy friend, and a bunch of can-do moms, PlatinumSitters was born.

The Platinum Promise

Our mission is simple. Finding qualified and reliable sitters should not be one more chore on a Parent's never-ending to-do list.

At PlatinumSitters we promise to:

Trust in team Platinum

This whole “it takes a village” business is true.

In Stephanie’s own words, “It’s all about Team Platinum.” Technology makes our service easy and affordable to use, but PlatinumSitters is truly a people first company. Our local community managers are the real magic makers, working hard behind the scenes to build the safest, highest quality, sitter community on the planet. It’s that extra level of personal attention and customer care that makes PlatinumSitters an elite, boutique service without the elite price tag.

Technology makes our service EASY to use, but let’s face it, a machine is not watching your kids. At the end of the day it’s all about TRUST in TEAM PLATINUM. Our local community managers vet, train and interview every sitter on our site. These multi-tasking managers (momagers!) are the real magic makers and our secret sauce.

Vetting at PlatinumSitters extends far beyond the initial face to face interview and background checks. We strive to get to know our sitters and our families with multi-level support ensuring an elite service. There is a lot of hard work, group hugs and follow through on the back end to create our revolutionary solution.

Have a question before, during or after a sit? Need a last-minute sitter or a recurring or part-time nanny? Your local manager is just a phone call away! #Wegotya